The Last Tango in Sunnybank, the film

From Writer/Director Rosetta Cook

I wrote The Last Tango in Sunnybank to gain more experience in directing drama. I had an idea for feature based on a similar premise to The Last Tango in Sunnybank and I thought it would be great to explore that in a short form first of all. When I was unable to secure government funding to make the film, I was so passionate about making it I went ahead anyway. I raised money with the help of 2ballerinas and friends through fundraiser performances to help cover camera costs, and the cast, crew and creative team have generously donated their time and talents.

Having danced tango for many years I am fascinated by the passion and dedication people from all walks of life bring to this dance form. In tango every dance is improvised and holds the potential of being a beautiful shared moment between two people. Tango dancers seek the partner that is "perfect" for each of them. Its not about technique, its about some inexplicable feeling of oneness with their partner. It can be an ephemeral thing, there for one dance, gone the next. I have taken this tango quest as a metaphor for the main character, Natalie’s search for more passion in her life. So, just as in real life we seek the perfect partner. But is there such a thing?

Full Production Credits

Writer Director Producer

Rosetta Cook

Director of Photography

Simon Gray


Ruby Green


Sandra Godde


Michael Campbell


Moshlo Shaw and George Valenti




Fran Co Beng

Tango Men

Roland Adeney


Arthur Cloumassis


Dan Crestini


Nigel Douglas


Renato Langersek


Davide Ostini


Trevor Peach


Conrad Sernia


Michael Sheppard


Paul Stevens


Charles Wilson


Laurence Yates




Arnold Hanegraaf


Carla Thackrah

Sound Design

Adrian Green

Colour Grade

Tom Waugh

Art Department

Rosetta Cook


John Haag


Miriam Hamner


Billy Shannon

Natalie’s red dress

Leigh Buchanan


Rosetta Cook

1st Assistant Director

Carla Thackrah

Camera assistant

Wenyan Ju


Anishka Jayasing


Mitchell Macrae


Emanuele Pica

Sound Recordists

Lachlan Simpson


Michael Leo


Joseph Kendall

Natalies hair

Elia Massimini



Make Up and Hair

Amanda Reick


Rose Hewartson


Suchona Chowdhury

Stills Photography

Renato Langerseek


"El desierto"

Written and composed by Lhasa De Sela and Yves Desrosiers
Performed by Lhasa De Sela
Published by Licensed Éditions Kaligram and Éditions Audiogramme
Courtesy of Les Disques Audiogramme inc.

"Luna de Suburbia"
by Moshlo Shaw and George Valenti courtesy Doyna

A special thank you to

2ballerinas students, Adrian Green, Carla Thackrah, Moshlo Shaw, Jamel Osta, Michelle Giammichele, Brisbane Tangonuts, Trevor Green, Fleur and John Cook, Ditto Dancewear, Little Workers Clothing, Libertine Perfumes, Gerties Bar, Green Tangerine, Nak Hair, Lisa O’Neil, Elia Massimini, Billy Shannon, Steve Bowerman, Jan Rae, Nik Hills, Claudjia Lecompte, Blochs, Maiocchi, Nak Hair, Matched Image, Through the Looking Glass, Helen Pearce, Ann Parnell, Marilyn Pemberton, Peta Harvey, Judy MacSporran, Deborah Longmore

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© Rosetta Cook 2011